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More than 220 stores worldwide
More than
stores worldwide
Techniques rated
highly by athletes.
Techniques rated highly by athletes
More than
*As of November 2022.


Why Dr.stretch?

Life-changing Experiences
by Proprietary Techniques

With our original “Core Balance Stretch” techniques. Our trainers are able to strech the tightness and tensions in deep muscle tissues. By addressing the origin and insertion of the muscles, it creates mind blowing relieves and long lasting improvement in range of motion and flexibility.

Life-changing Experiences by Proprietary Techniques
Effortless Improvements and Reliefs

Stretch effortlessly with the help of our professional trainers. Simply, relax, regulate your breathing, and allow our trainers to guide you through deep reliefs and improved flexibilities.

No effort required
Personalized Stretch Plan
tailored to your body’s needs

Based on professional consultation and assessments with our trainers. We curate personalized stretch plans tailored to your specific body needs. At the end of sessions, our trainers will guide you through the daily habits that lead to your problems and lifestyle changes to alleviate them progressively.

Personalized Stretch Plan tailored to your body’s needs

What is
Core Balance

[Deep Tissue] reliefs

Core Balance Stretch is a combination of 3 proprietary techniques. Through deep tissue relieves, we can stretch and relief deep issues eectively. It resolves the cause of your body problems fundamentally by relieving the deep tissue muscles near the bones. changing muscle memories and creating long lasting effects.

[Deep Tissue] reliefs [Deep Tissue] reliefs
Techniques originated from Major League Baseball

The origin of Core Balance Stretch came from body maintenance techniques that supported the Boston Red Sox players. Mr Genki Yamaguchi reprogramed the stretches to be beneficial for anyone.

Genki Yamaguchi
Technique Supervisor
Genki Yamaguchi
Former Trainer for the Boston Red Sox. He is the representative of Dr.Training Co. Ltd. he has opened more than 10 [Dr.Training] Personal Gyms `in Tokyo after returning to Japan.
Soft tissues, such as muscles, degenerates as we age. There are many people doing desk work who have chronic should and back problems. With the increasing life expectancy of human being, it is essential to stretch daily to stay healthy. The ideal body condition can only be cultivated with health daily habits. Let’s achieve true health by exercising and incorporating stretching in your daily lifestyle.
Comparing with Self-Stretch
Comparing with Self-Stretch

The Experience

The Dr.stretch experience starts when you enter the shop and ends when you leave the bed.











Basic ala carte
40min RM 130
60min RM 180
90min RM 260
Request Fee(To request for a specific trainer,A Request Fee will be collected for every session.)

Trainer or Male/Female

RM 10

Senior trainer

RM 20

Expert trainer

RM 30

Shop Chief

RM 100

Master/Japanese Trainer

RM 150

Grand Trainer

RM 200
RM 230 (per month)
RM 52
RM 72
RM 104

for weekends/
PH sessions

RM 20

for weekdays sessions
after 6pm

RM 10

*All prices are not included of SST*

Visit Us

Dr.stretch 1 Utama

Dr.stretch 1 Utama

Lot S119, 2nd Floor (Old Wing ),
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor5
TEL: 60182228050
Open: 10:00am - 9:00pm

・At old wing near Popular Bookstores (2nd Floor)
・3mins walk from Bandar Utama Mrt (linked bridge to mall)
・Grab ( Centre Court Entrance )
・1first Avenue ( Main lobby )


Q1: What happens during a session
a professional trainer will be stretching your entire body, all you need to do is lie down on the bed
Q2: Is there anything I need to bring?
No, we provide clothes to change and it’s for free
Q3: Do I need to book in advance?
We strongly encourage booking in advance for your visit.
There may be walk in openings but it depends on the availability, we recommend contacting your nearest shop before visiting to prevent disappointments [See store list]
Q4: How can I cancel / change my reservation
Please contact the store to cancel / change your reservation [See store list]
Q5: Is the stretch relaxing?
It depends on the condition of your muscles To improve the body condition, we need to increase your muscle range of motion.
Therefore, your body will be stretched with intensity that you won’t be able to achieve on your own.
It progressively gets better as your muscles are lengthening.
Q6: My body is stiff, can I still come for a session?
No problem.
The session is highly recommended for people with sti bodies as they are more likely to experience pain and have limited blood circulations from their muscle tightness.
Stretching regularly will get rid of the tensions in your muscles and improve your flexibility.
Q7: I am not experienced in exercising, can I still come for a session?
No problem.
There are many customers who come to improve their sports performance.
However there are also many customers who come to improve their pain & problems in their shoulders, lower back or other parts of the body.
Please visit us for a consultation with our trainers regarding your body condition.
Q8: Is there anything else I should be aware of before visiting the shop?
We recommend having two hours between your last meal and the session.
Q9: I am also receiving a medical treatment at a hospital, Can I come for a session?
Please consult your doctor before coming for a session.
Q10: Can I extend my sessions?
Yes, we accept session extensions by units of 10 minutes, however the extension is subject to trainers’ availabilities.
Q11: How regular should I come for my sessions?
We recommend visiting once a week at first.
As muscles can return to it’s original range of motion from our daily habits within 7-10 days. Therefore, we recommend stretching regularly for a period of time to gradually improve your muscle memory and health.