Dr. stretch, which has expanded across Japan with nearly 100 locations, is finally opening in Singapore.

NOW HIRING OPENING STAFF This is the great opportunity to be at the forefront of our expansion into Singapore. This is the great opportunity to be at the forefront of our expansion into Singapore.
What is Dr. stretch? What is Dr. stretch? What is Dr. stretch?

Our work is supporting people who want to make their own body healthier. We also support to improve customers' sports performance by giving stretch to their muscles that cannot be reached by usual massage.
If you think,

"I want to work for someone".
"I am interested in an industry related to health care or sports".

Trainer could be the best job for you. Most attractive part of this work is that you can literally see how customers' bodies are getting more flexible and improved. As you can make customers smile by your technique, you can definitely feel that your work is so rewarding.

Environment Environment Environment

Person who is willing to do something for someone is tend to be motivated to improve him/herself.
Because, improving yourself is consequently help someone.
Since every one of us at Dr. stretch have the common thought and emotion, our company grow up rapidly.
Fortunately, as our service has a good reputation from customers, more than 80% of them become regular customers.
We will keep opening new branches that have many passionate trainers.
And that is not only about Japan and Singapore, but also other countries.


Work for professional sports players.

Work for professional sports players. Work for professional sports players.

Supporting pro-football team (Spain) CE SABADELL FC

We have a business partnership with CE SABADELL FC. We send selected trainers to the football team, and they work with the pro-football players. You can learn higher skill and technical knowledge from the trainers under exclusive contract with CE Sabadell FC. And when it's done, you will receive a diploma as a trainer of CE Sabadell FC.

Beauty industry is interested in Dr. stretch.

Beauty industry is interested in Dr. stretch. Beauty industry is interested in Dr. stretch.

Supporting representative candidates of Miss World (the world three major beauty contest) in 2015

We support the representative candidates of Miss World (one of the three most famous beauty contests in the world). Each selected trainers support each candidates, and help improving their beauty by "Core Balance Stretch".

Enhanced Study Curriculums for your dream and aim

Enhanced Study Curriculums for your dream and aim

Step.1 Training Programs for new employees

You will mainly learn basic things in this program before you debut as a stretch trainer at a shop. You can also learn the advanced stretch techniques for each muscle.
You can learn not only stretching skills but also anatomy from Mr.Uehara(CIBITAC)

basic stretching
①For Sternocleidomastoid
②For splenius capitis
③for trapezius muscle
④For pectoralis major
⑤For latissimus dorsi
⑥For Elector muscles of spine
⑦For gluteus maximus
⑧For iliopsoas
⑨For hamstring
⑩For quadriceps femoris
⑪For tibialis anterior
⑫For Achilles's tendon
⑬For tibialis anterior
advanced various technique
①Shoulder joint stretching variation
②Lumber region stretching variation
③Lower limb stretching variation
④Prone position
⑤Sitting position
⑥Shoulder joint analysis
⑦lumber region analysis
⑧Neck part analysis
⑨Postural analysis
①Mechanism of muscular pain
②Stretch reflex
③Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation(P.N.F)
④Acute lower back pain
(problems of spine)
⑤intervertebral disk displacement
⑥Sciatic neuralgia
⑦Study of body misalignment

Step.2 practical training
You can take this program after you debut. You can learn proper stretch techniques for different customers' health condition.

①Variation of technique for conditions
②Proper process of stretch for different
conditions of muscle within a designated time.
⑥Analysis of shoulder
⑦lumber region analysis
⑧Neck part analysis
⑨Postural analysis

Step.3 Skill up program
You can take this program after 3months from debut day.You will be able to learn 5 steps techniques can't be taught to beginners

①Mechanism of aduction and abduction
②Sequential movement
③Joint sequential movement
④Practical use of moving stretching
⑤"8"letter shape Circular moving stretching for Shoulder joint
⑥"8"letter shape Circular moving stretching for hip joint
⑦Displace stack pain in iliopsoas muscle
⑧3 dimension stretching

Step.4 special program for selected trainers
Requirement: 3 time nominated top 10 on the ranking of designation in 6month.Selected trainer by .Yamaguchi can move up to the next stage.

①Training curriculum for athletes 'sports risk
②Skills and knowledge for 1st class trainer

Step.5 training program in Spain
Requirement: selected on step.4. Selected trainers take special programs in Spain. You will have precious experience through practical trainer program to pro-sports player.

①Physical program
②Conditioning program
③Massage program
④Conditioning of CE SABADELL FC players
⑤Official Diploma of CE SABADELL FC

Step.6 training program for pro-sports athletes You will learn more skills and knowledge as a pro-trainer by Dr.Yamaguchi. After this program you will be able to work for various pro-athletes.

①Guidance and lecture
②Muscle energy technique(1st)
④Sports nutrition science(1st)
⑤Worming up
⑥Muscle energy technique(2nd)
⑦Annual schedule and work content as a MLB
⑧Field exercise(1st)
⑨Tube exercise
⑩Sports nutrition science(2nd)
⑪Analysis from sports movements
⑫Trunk excise
⑬Causes and remedies for Sports injury
⑭Field excise(2nd)

Supervisor and trainer

Genki Yamaguchi Genki Yamaguchi

《Trainer career (including intern)》
Boston Red Sox
Tampa Bay Rays
Kansas City Royals

《academic career》
the faculty of Physical Education in college of humanities and sciences. Nihon University (bachelor)
Texas Tech University Health Science Center the master of Athletic Training


Professional course
・pro- football players
・rugby players in Japanese league
Body making for beauty models and actresses Achievement
・miss contest candidates official trainer
・learn advanced pro sports maintenance skills
Study abroad
・skill up programs in Spain (long term or short term)

Incentive tour

Incentive tour

○incentive tour

An annual big event. You might be commended there and might get incentive tour. Even if you are a 1st year employee.

Hawaii, guam, sipan
Nagasaki, Kusatsu , Ikaho, Nikko, Izu, Shiman Onsen, Atami


Job description Full-time employee
Job Content give Core Balance Stretch to customers.
Salary full-time employee: a monthly salary:S$2,500
※AWS/incentive wage /etc.
Requirement experience is not necessary
sports experience welcome
working on weekends and national holidays is preferred
Permanent residents may apply
Working hours Shift varies  between 9:30 ~ 22:30
Holidays 6days off a month