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  • What is Dr. stretch?Dr. stretch is a store for body maintenance.
  • Professional trainerYou will not stretch on your own.
    A professional trainer will stretch your body.
  • (Shoulder stiffness/Lower back pain/Fatigue)More than half of the customers express discomfort in the body
  • Sports/ExerciseFrom supporting children in sports to
    people in their 60's in their exercises
  • Store interiorDifferent from a private room,
    free and energetic open-space structured store
  • 100 types of stretchesChoose from 100 stretches for
    a solution to your body pains.
  • We rent clothes for the treatment free of charge.We rent clothes for the treatment
    free of charge. Just come to our store.
  • Trainers are former athletes.Trainers at Dr. stretch are former athletes.
    They will tackle your problems with earnest efforts.

You will be surprised at how light your shoulders feel.
Experience a change in a single session.

The reason for such satisfaction is that a trainer stretches the core muscle which you
cannot access on your own using a unique technique only available at Dr. stretch.