Q1: What will happen in the treatment?
An expert trainer stretches your entire body.
You only need to lie down on the bed.
Q2: Is there anything I need to bring?
We rent clothes for the treatment free of charge.
Q3: Do I need to book in advance?
Clients with reservations will be served first.
There may be no opening on weeknights and weekends depending on the store. Please feel free to contact your nearest shop before visiting.
[See store list]
Q4: I would like to cancel/change my booking.
Please call the store to cancel/change your booking.
Please feel free to contact each shop.
[See store list]
Q5: Is the stretch relaxing?
It depends on the condition of your muscles.
To improve the quality of muscle, we need to increase your range of motion. Therefore, your body will be stretched using strength stronger than you will be able to apply on your own.
You should be able to relax gradually as your muscles are being stretched.
Q6: My body is stiff. Can I take the treatment?
No problem.
This treatment is highly recommended for people with stiff bodies since their muscles are likely to be tighter and disrupt blood flow.
Receiving regular sessions will get rid of the knots in your muscles and improve your flexibility.
Q7: I don’t have any experience exercising. Can I take the treatment?
No problem.
There are many patients who come to improve their sports performance, but at the same time, most of the patients come to improve the discomfort or problem in the shoulders, lower back, or other parts of the body.
Please visit us for a counseling session with a trainer to talk about your body condition.
Q8: Is there anything else I should be aware of before visiting the shop?
Please have at least two hours between your last meal and the session.
Q9: I also receive a medical treatment at a hospital. Can I take a treatment?
Please get the doctor’s permission first.
Q10: Would I be able to extend the time?
We accept requests for extension by increments of 10 minutes.
Q11: Do you have any suggestions on how often I should visit?
We recommend visiting once a week at first.
It is because muscles can become tense after leaving without care for about one week.
Therefore, regularly stretching will gradually increase your flexibility and health.