Dr. stretch offers a trial of Core Balance Stretch.

  • 1. Sign up for a trial

    Please contact us by phone or visit the shop if you are interested in a trial.

  • 2. Change clothes

    Our staff will guide you through the steps. (We rent clothes for the treatment free of charge.)

  • 3. Counseling

    Please let the trainer know about problems in your body or what you want to improve on.

  • 4. Check up

    We will check your flexibility and muscle tension.

  • 5. Stretch

    Stretch out the muscles that are causing you discomfort using Core Balance Stretch

  • 6. Cool down

    Take the tension away from the musclesand feel your body relax.
    The trial is over after changing back to your clothes.

  • You will experience a drastic change in your body after just 20 minutes.

  • Please choose one area from shoulders,
    lower back or legs.

  • No need to prepare anything.
    (We rent clothes for the treatment free of charge.)

Please feel free to visit our shop after work or during free time.

* Waiting time depends on the store.
You may be asked to wait for a while.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.